A few photos from old town this weekend. 

Token Dude.

I’ve been putting off this post for a few days because I still can’t seem to find the words… Well that and a pair of 13-hour days earlier this week back at the office. 

Wendy & Tyler are Blue Lily

I had the opportunity to spend some time learning from them this past weekend with 9 “chicks” from all over North America. I was the token dude… which was actually kinda fun.

(Of course I had to tone down my brutish ways and not scratch myself or unleash any earsplitting burps… which typically refrain from in polite company anyway… usually.)

So I submit to you, my fellow GoPros… 

KellyNikkiDebbie, Cynthia, TrishMeganCrystalDanaMe, Wendy & Tyler (front)

A few years back I bought my first dSLR camera and fell in love with it and the images that spilled out onto my computer. I loved it so much I upgraded, thinking a better camera would probably take better pictures. But as I started learning more about the craft I knew I needed more… more knowledge… more skill… and a better all around understanding of photography. You can only do so much reading, so I started asking questions of the people I admire the most. JoeyL, the Bluelilies, John Riedy… 

But I knew I would learn the most in a truly immersive experience, and when Wendy & Tyler told me about their GoPro workshops I jumped in with both feet. 

Yes it seems weird to have a photography workshop in a beach house with floor to ceiling windows overlooking the mighty Pacific alongside 10 other people… seemed kinda like an AA meeting at first… or a bible study. But as we got into it all the awkwardness faded away. 

By the end of the first day my head was spinning. I got home that evening and was gushing to Jewels about all the stuff I learned. In her words I was “glowing”. 

At the end of the second day my world was rocked. When I got home that night I didn’t even know what to say. How can you explain it to someone who wasn’t there? 

Ahhh… pictures. What is it they say? Every picture tells a story? 

Duh! The whole reason we were there, right? 

The most photographed bowl of M&M’s (working on my depth of field)

Meg - Rockstar Blogger

Nikki - The Muse from Seattle

Group shot caught in awesome morning light

The Nikon Grrrls…. 

Wendy, demonstrating the proper “Arctic Butterfly" technique… (don’t ask)

Tyler, my new Senpai… (how’s that for an obscure reference!)

I was eager to try out my new skillz, so I ran the family through Old Town on Sunday for a Speed Shoot after going to the movies. 

too. much. fun.

Looking forward to GoPro2… which should probably be called “WentPro”… no? 

All for now.